Hi, I am donnell

photography is my passion

I am a self-taught, natural light photographer and do 99% of my sessions outdoors. I love to capture personalities and highlight the uniqueness of each subject. I am likely to race kids down the street and encourage them to interact with their surroundings. Ryan is my husband and together we have four children. My faith plays an important role in my life and I give God all the credit for everything He has gifted me with. I also work full-time at my church on top of doing photography.

My style’s about real people. It’s bold, rich and artistic. I want people to look back & think that the photos really represent who they were in that moment & what their family was all about. Think of a session as an experience that brings out honest & real images. The adorable smile on baby’s face that your home shots never seem to capture, the goofy grin that comes from playing in puddles, or the love between a parent and a child. It’s all about the connection. Once it’s established, the photos present themselves.

I can’t wait to meet you and help create long lasting memories for you to cherish for a lifetime.

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