my story

I sort of accidentally tripped into photography, and when I did I fell head-over-heels in love with it! When I met my husband, he had worked for a photography studio in the past and was still shooting a few weddings here and there. I decided to join him for a few weddings and realized quickly that I LOVED doing photography. I graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Design, but took lots of photography classes as well. It just increased my love even more. In 2011, I decided it was time to start my business. inMi Studios was the name that I chose because I wanted my business to reflect God's love for people through it. inMi stands for In My Image, from Genesis 1:27 where God says he created man (and woman) in His image. We are all beautiful people because we were created in His image! I get the privilege of being able to capture that beauty in every photo that I take.

Meet my family

My family is my whole world! I met my husband Ryan at a Christian group when we were in college. We got married in 2008 and wanted to start a family not long after. However, things were not going as planned, and we felt a tugging on our hearts to start fostering with the hope of possibly adopting. Our first son, Skyler, who is now 10, we brought home from the hospital in 2012. Six months later, we got a phone call about his 9-year-old brother, Bricion, who is now 19. We adopted both boys in 2014. When we thought we were finished and closed our foster home, we got ANOTHER call about the boys’ 2 year old sister, Linda. She is 7 now and her adoption was finalized in November 2019. Our biggest surprise yet was our little miracle, Ellie Mae, who is now 4. We found out we were pregnant with her only 6 months after Linda came to live with us... after years of infertility. God gets ALL the glory for these amazing kids!